With the 2nd fastest run of the day, I moved into 3rd.

With the 2nd fastest run of the day, I moved into 3rd.

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Indoor vs outdoor power output: Are they different and why?

      There is a commonly reported complaint about indoor wind trainers; power output is lower than the road. While Zwift is an awesome indoor training platform, the aforementioned comment has been showing up a lot in my feed, along with suggestions on why power is different indoors. Recently Zwift posted a video...
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XTerra Series V: Swim training sanity

In part IV of my XTerra series I discussed ways to decipher why your swim might be sub-par. In this follow-up article, I discuss how to simplify your swim training, as well as race strategies for overcoming a poor swim. Stop the swim insanity Here it is, my honest opinion: swim...
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